Why should I become a user of Save by the Drip?

We make it easier for you to save money and improve your financial health.

What is a bucket?

Your bucket another name for your account where you will be saving your money for whatever goal you want to reach.

What can I use my bucket for?

Set up your bucket to pay off your loans faster, save money for a vacation, a down payment on a house, save money on the interest on your loans, etc.  So basically, anything you want to use it for!

How does my bucket get filled?

You have 3 choices to fill your bucket.

  1. Set a weekly amount to be deducted from your checking account.
  2. Set up a Drip which means for every purchase you make in your checking account, we will round up your purchase to the next dollar amount. This amount will be added up and at the end of the week, this amount will be transferred into your Bucket.
  3. You can invite friends and family to add to your bucket.
Can I change the amount going into my bucket?

Yes.  You will have the option to switch between modes at any time, or you can also change your Weekly mode amount at any time.  You can also use the Pause Button, in case you have an emergency and feel you can’t add to your Bucket this week.  Set up a Bucket and toggle between modes to see what works best for you.

What happens when my Bucket reaches my Bucket target?

If you have opted to attach a bill/loan to your Bucket target, the money is send to your bill/loan when the target is reached.  If you have not set a Bucket target, the money will continue to accumulate in your Bucket until you request a transfer to your primary checking account or you decide to attach a bill/loan to your Bucket.

When can I use the money in my Bucket?

Your Bucket money belongs to you and you can use it at any time.  Your funds will be transferred to your primary checking account within 24 hours of requesting it or be sent to a bill/loan as requested.

Will I be notified when my bill/loan gets paid?

Yes.  You will be emailed that your Bucket Target has been reached and will be sent to pay your bill/loan in 24 hours.  This will give you 24 hours to change your mind if you decide that you really need that money for something else right now.  If you stop your bill/loan from getting paid, your Bucket Balance remains in your bucket and continues getting filled until you decide to use it.

Can I change the bill/loan my Bucket is going towards?

Yes.  You can edit the bill/loan your Bucket is attached to, but this must be done prior to reaching your Bucket Target amount.

Can other people add to my bucket for me?

Yes.  You can invite other people like your parents, aunts, uncles, friends or your teacher from the 4th grade.  Just click here to “Get Help Filling Your Bucket” and invite others to help you fill your bucket.

Will my Bucket money earn any interest?

At this time, No.  But we are hoping to incorporate this feature soon.

What is the fee to set up my account with Save by the Drip?

There is no fee.  Its Free!  So Join Today!

Can I change the primary account my Bucket is attached to?

Yes.  Please follow this link to edit your Primary Account information.

I work for a school. We want to start fundraising for new band uniforms. Can we set up a bucket for this or a charity?

Yes.  Make sure you use the “Set up a Corporate Bucket” button and follow the directions on that page.

How do you calculate my personal Budget Grade?

Using our proprietary Save by the Drip algorithms, we analyze the last 12 months of your primary checking account and compare your spending habits to the spending categories in the Buckey Budget.

What is the difference between an Individual Bucket and Corporate Bucket?

One person controls the Individual bucket and two people will have control over the Corporate bucket.

What are some more Bucket ideas?

You can use your bucket to pay off your car faster, pay off your student loan or pay off your house faster.  All of these will save you money over the life of the loan.  You can also save money for a vacation, wedding, honeymoon, ring for your fiancé, start an investment nest egg, buy a new car, a house down payment, a new TV, a nice meal at a restaurant, start a business, buy some bitcoin, basically, anything you can think of.  It’s your money!

Can I move my Bucket money to a digital wallet?

We are working on this feature.

Are you selling my personal information to anybody?

No.  We do not believe in selling/sharing your personal data with anybody.

How is this site making money?

We aren’t making any money right now.

Why did you build this site?

Save by the Drip started out as a family idea to help one of our family members.  We wanted to affect positive, long lasting changes to financial behaviors.  We think we have some good ideas and we hope to instill positive behavior to our user’s financial habits.

Is there an app yet?

We’re working on it!  Stay tuned.

Join Save by the Drip today and get started dripping into your Bucket!